Digital + REMS = A Delightful User Experience

Improving patient safety, access and engagement


This white paper describes how one global life sciences company successfully implemented what may be the world’s first fully digital and patient-centric drug safety program. Digital solutions provide life science companies with innovative opportunities to create and deliver timely and interoperable patient support via a connected ecosystem. Through journey mapping, a clear understanding of each stakeholder’s processes and obstacles can be uncovered to identify points to improve communication, data sharing, duplicative efforts and ultimately, the patient journey. Early buy-in, transparency, continuous collaboration, and clear communication with internal stakeholders (eg, upper management, medical, legal, marketing, etc.) and all external vendors involved are essential for success. When patients and providers are connected, more timely, efficient, and collaborative care can occur, and in the end, improve outcomes. 

Keep reading to learn how to: 

  • Create a breakthrough patient-centric digital REMS program 
  • Navigate the necessary cross-functional collaboration to ensure success 
  • Effectively implement and execute a digital patient support program

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