Real-Time Patient Insights Can Keep Them Healthy

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Blog


STEPHEN KEELER  |  VP, Payer & Provider Sales]
The shift from fee-for-service to value-based payments isn’t easy. Still, there’s no avoiding the advance of MACRA and value-based payment models emerging from CMS and private payers.

That’s why CMS introduced CPC+ – or the Comprehensive Primary Care program. Launched in January, CPC+ is one of the federal agency’s vehicles for getting primary care providers ready to execute on value-based care – and investing in the technologies practices need to get real-time feedback about their sickest patients.

CPC+ builds on CMS’ initial CPC program, which was launched to primary care providers in 2012. This new program increases both the benefits and risks associated with managing the “holistic” health of patients served by physician practices, reports Patrick Conway, then-deputy administrator and chief medical officer at CMS, said, “The focus of CPC+ is on improving care coordination that results in healthier patients,” when the program was announced in the Spring of 2016.

With a Digital Health Platform, You’re Empowered With Real-Time Patient Data
The reality is this: Patients spend a small fraction of their time at your practice. And that makes managing patients with more than one chronic condition particularly challenging.

One of your physicians can send his 67-year-old patient home with dietary recommendations and lisinopril to treat her high blood pressure and doxepin to manage her depression. But if she doesn’t fill her prescriptions and she keeps eating unhealthy foods, there’s a strong likelihood she’ll end up in the ER with a stroke.

That’s a devastating outcome for your patient, her family, and your practice – especially since it could have been prevented.

With a digital health platform, you’ll have real-time insight into whether this patient is taking her medications – and whether there are any red flags that would warrant a call from a care coordinator at your practice.

Investing in a digital health platform just makes dollars and sense.