Behavioral Health Study Results Validate Improved Outcomes with Medocity’s Virtual Care Platform

by | Dec 4, 2018 | News

Carter Health Psychiatry, a Texas-based medical practice, demonstrates measurable improvement in patients with anxiety and depression when using Medocity’s Virtual Care Platform as part of an outpatient treatment regimen.

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Dec. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medocity, a leader in enterprise virtual care technology, today released a study detailing improved behavioral health outcomes for patients with depression and/or anxiety when using remote care technology as part of an outpatient treatment regimen. Carter Health, a Texas-based medical practice, selected Medocity’s Virtual Care Platform to conduct a real-world, observational study of remote symptom monitoring and telehealth utilization when treating psychiatric outpatients. Carter Health documented consistently higher medication adherence rates and a demonstrably positive impact on patient health, engagement, and satisfaction when using the Medocity Platform. View full case study details: https://medocity.com/bhcasestudy/.

The Medocity team worked closely with Carter Health to configure the Virtual Care Platform for multiple behavioral health protocols including remote symptom monitoring, medication reminders, clinician alerts and interventions, and patient support resources.  Patients were enrolled and stratified into one of two cohorts with diagnoses of either depressive or anxiety disorders. 

Patients received daily notifications and engaged with clinic staff through Medocity’s platform, utilizing secure messaging and video chats for non-emergent needs. For the depressive disorders cohort, the innovative platform enabled clinic staff to monitor chronic suicidality, intervene for crisis management, and track patient-reported symptoms over time including:

  • Medication adherence,
  • Insomnia/hypersomnia (sleep),
  • Hypo/hyperphagia (appetite),
  • Lack of behavioral activation (energy), and
  • Thoughts of self-harm.

Patient-reported values outside of set parameters triggered real-time clinician alerts and, when appropriate, proactive interventions, with an increased focus given to manage these symptoms during subsequent in-person visits.

“Medocity’s incredible tool has so many utilizations in crisis management—the toughest part of psychiatry. From timelier interventions to increased engagement by simply letting patients know we care, especially in their moment of need, to preventing hospitalization and potentially stopping loss of life, the Medocity Platform has demonstrated truly remarkable results,” said R. Dakota Carter, MD, EdD.

Overwhelmingly, patients indicated that the platform was easy-to-use, positively impacted their care, and improved access to their clinical team. Additional platform influence on patient behavior during the 3-month study period:

  • 90-95% compliance with prescribed medications
  • 91% of respondents felt engaged with their own care and treatment
  • 93% average weekly patient usage with 90% of these patients utilizing the platform 3 or more times per week

“Digital technologies continue to simplify our daily tasks, but when used to stimulate a deeper patient commitment to personal health and continuing engagement with care providers, the value of these solutions is truly elevated,” said Raj Agarwal, President and CEO of Medocity. “Our Virtual Care Platform can be configured for any health condition, making it the perfect digital companion for daily healthcare management. We are proud that Carter Health has validated our platform’s ability to improve patient engagement, outcomes, and satisfaction.”

Receive complete, documented details on how Medocity’s Virtual Care Platform is impacting behavioral health: View the full case study.

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