Get Smart About Value-Based Care: Implement a Digital Health Platform

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Blog


STEPHEN KEELER  |  VP, Payer & Provider Sales]
Today’s providers, who have no choice but to embrace value-based care, are providing their patients with digital health devices so they can track blood sugars, heart rate, weight fluctuations, etc. Are you keeping up with the needs of your patients?

With a digital health platform in place, your patients can self-report their health, allowing you, or a partner, to monitor their status. That translates to early detection of degradations in your patients’ health – and potentially heading off avoidable hospital admissions and emergency room visits.

The Time is Now to Implement a Digital Health Platform
Fee-for-service arrangements will soon be a thing of the past. More than ever before, your practice will be on the hook financially for the health of your patients. It’s not feasible to send your physicians out on house calls; what you can do is implement a digital health platform to receive real-time alerts and triage a potential situation remotely. Reduce emergency room readmissions and increase quality of care, while keeping up with CMS regulations.

It just makes sense to implement a digital health platform in your practice today.
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Check out some of the ways a digital health platform will help your practice:

Keep High-Cost, High-Risk Patients out of the ER

Get Your Patients Engaged in Managing their Chronic Diseases

Achieve Win-Win Outcomes With Your Patients

Real-Time Patient Insights Can Keep Them Healthy