Reuters Pharma USA 2022

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Blog


YVETTE LAWAL  |  Senior Director, Business Development & Sales for Digital Patient Support Solutions]


My first in-person conference done!  ✓

Last week, nearly 1,000 people from across the pharma/biotech industry gathered in-person in Philly for Reuters Pharma Conference.From the 40+ fantastic case study presentations, 100+ speakers, and 1000s of connections made on using the networking app and strategizing for challenges ahead, it was a truly extraordinary experience.

This year’s Reuters Pharma USA meeting focused on:

  • How the patient journey is evolving with the advent of technology,
  • Why pharma must pay close attention, and
  • What the industry can do to stay relevant and drive the future of healthcare.

As I met with leading pharma industry experts, we probed the underlying shifts impacting pharma therapy delivery ecosystems: collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data and the need for agility and transparency. We explored the accelerated integration of intelligent software, advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning-based systems. Presentations addressed how the development and delivery of new drug therapies have fundamentally changed via the emergence of a range of advanced technology accelerators and new collaborative partnership models between global pharmaceutical firms and technology providers.

The event provided a great opportunity for me to share Medocity’s Digital Patient Platform, our end-to-end patient support solutions ecosystem, that enables comprehensive engagement across the care continuum to improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Our solutions provide patients with personalized experiences through more intelligent connections and real-time intelligence to make healthcare more accessible and valuable for all patients, including seniors. It’s often difficult for elderly adults to properly and consistently take their medications, and throughout the conference, pharma discussed the importance of seniors talking medication, following their therapy and how the technology can support, educate and empower patients and their caregivers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one-third of all seniors live by themselves, which equates to about 13.8M people. These seniors need medical care the most, and statistics show that they are already using and/or are ready to learn how to use new digital tools to make healthcare more accessible. Covid-life has helped people over 65 years old have to use technology to communicate with loved ones, stay up-to-date with news, monitor and manage their health and safety, entertain themselves, and more. The national survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project revealed that 58% of people aged 65+ seek healthcare information online, and 43% search for healthcare information on Facebook. Based on these numbers, it’s safe to say that the elderly are likely more technologically savvy than we give them credit for. With 76% of older adults in the U.S. staying in their homes, according to AARP, health tech platforms and providers can have a significant impact on seniors’ health and safety.

Cost-effective, high-quality, personalized clinical support solutions – like those of Medocity – will guide, motivate, and engage the elderly and all patient to better self-care.  As companies are adapting to the aftermath of the pandemic, the pharma industry must continue their digital patient transformation journey by implementing patient-centric integrated digital ecosystems, that provide personalized support, real-time data and analytics, while improving outcomes.