Facing Patient Recruitment Challenges

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Blog


AMY APOSTOLERIS  |  Global Head, Digital Clinical Trials Solutions]


Did you know that recruitment challenges cost life science companies approximately $40B?

#Patient recruitment has long been one of the most impenetrable challenges in clinical trials. According to a 2021 @BMC article, 37% of all trials discontinued since 2000 were due to recruitment challenges, costing life science companies (LSOs) approximately $40B over the last two decades.

In addition, with product portfolios shifting into #precision and #personalized medicine and #rare disease areas where trial participants are scarce, LSOs are increasingly challenged to recruit clinical trial participants that meet study criteria. And, as newer treatments are focused on ever smaller patient cohorts, and as trial protocols become increasingly complex and restrictive, recruiting trial participants is becoming more difficult.

The most devastating impact has been delays, leading to extended timelines and accompanying cost overruns. It’s not enough for #trialrecruitment teams to rely on trusted investigative sites alone to meet trial enrollment goals, even if the site has the needed therapeutic area experience and facilities. As patients who fit protocol needs get scarcer, the challenge of recruitment is growing beyond the ability of sites and sponsors to deliver results using legacy tools and approaches.

According to a recent @Gartner® article, “Life Science companies must meet the moment…There is no ‘silver bullet’ for recruitment because the target is always in motion with new product requirements, increasingly personalized therapies and shifting solution capabilities. Trial coordinators must contend with challenges beyond managing a list of preferred sites…They must improve their methods of finding patients and sites and consider new partnerships and approaches, such as decentralized and digital trials that attract more patients to clinical research.”1

At @Medocity, Inc., our REACH™️ solution best supports patient recruitment and enrollment by deploying an #interoperable digital platform model that can identify the right patients and #empower teams to manage physician, investigator site, and participant selection processes. This new architecture ties #RWD and #omnichannel approaches with #AI and #ML to optimize recruitment intelligence and operations. The result provides a cohesive and holistic platform to clinical trial selection and recruitment processes in one single solution. REACH joins disparate data types used by separate process stages, bringing these disjointed operations together, enabling higher interoperability and digital recruitment analytics.

To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar: A 360 Approach to Patient Identification, Recruitment and Enrollment of Clinical Trials. Oct 11, 29 at 11:00 am ET, a one-hour multi-disciplinary discussion for successful clinical trial enrollment.

Contact Amy Apostoleris to learn how Medocity’s REACH™ recruitment and enrollment platform prioritizes patient diversity and inclusion to ensure that clinical trials accurately represent the patient population.


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