Medocity is officially “Cool”

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Blog


TOM FEITEL  |  Global Head Enterprise Solutions]

When you are wholly committed to virtual care as an approach to improving patient outcomes in chronic and complex disease, it’s hard not to adopt a positive attitude these days. So many societal and economic factors are driving in this direction that we truly appear to be reaching a tipping point, and for once it seems all the 4-P stakeholder interests align (that is, patient, provider, pharma and payer).

Perhaps that’s why Gartner has just chosen to designate Medocity as a 2018 Cool Vendor in Health Value Delivery. Cool Vendors are selected because they offer unique technology that is innovative, disruptive, and addresses unmet needs. Gartner’s perspective is that “enterprise virtual care platforms” like Medocity, have the potential to play a significant role in driving convergent care at scale.

Our platform enables real-time remote patient monitoring and care coordination across all the applicable health care professionals who have a stake in a patient’s well-being. Integrated telehealth offers a seamless ability for bi-directional communication, with no disruption to workflow. Our cloud-based architecture helps overcome many of the interoperability bottlenecks that otherwise thwart well-intended attempts to organize data and prevent waste and errors. True BYOD access for both patients and providers insures no one has to learn a new operating system or device to participate in the process of helping patients feel better.

How do we see Medocity’s approach manifesting in the market right now?

  • Pharma companies and biotechs are investigating RPM to improve the quality and scalability of traditionally limited patient support activity. Forward-looking companies are thinking about the role RPM can play in improving adherence, delivering a far better patient experience on therapy, and importantly, generating real time, real world data to assist with both regulatory and payer conversations.
  • Providers have always had a vested interest in RPM, but often lacked the time, tools, and quite frankly, the monetary incentive to participate. Medocity can enable an entire ecosystem today, and is doing so in oncology and heart failure practices. The results: quantifiable reductions in avoidable readmissions and highly improved patient and provider satisfaction.  Additionally, with the unbundling of CPT code 99091 projected for January 2019, CMS will be recognizing the proven benefits of remote monitoring.1
  • Payers have dual goals of offering their clients effective care management programs while insuring that costs are controlled. On an immediate tactical level, most payers are ready, willing and able to participate in value-based contracting with their providers.  Payers with a real commitment to meaningful innovation are developing first-mover advantages via next-generation clinical and lifestyle pathways to optimize members’ health as life-long partners in care, a far cry from the impersonal claims-adjudication- only approaches of yesteryear.  Whether on their own or through provider collaboration and incentives, there’s no question these efforts are accelerating.

Thought leaders and believers in the power of digital transformation are already taking action. Gartner’s research projects enterprise virtual care adoption at scale, 5-10 years out. From today’s perspective, we suspect it will happen much sooner, as technology like ours becomes widely applied and the data on positive outcomes start piling up – encouraging even the skeptics to get on board.2-8

We invite you to contact us for a demo, and you’ll quickly see where all the excitement is coming from.

About Medocity

Medocity Inc., headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, is a recognized leader in enterprise virtual care technology serving life sciences, payers and provider organizations seeking best-in-class digital solutions to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs between visits.  Bridging the gap between the clinic and the home, the Medocity Virtual Care Platform enables optimized engagement and continuous care for patients with chronic and complex conditions. Medocity’s award-winning technology combines condition management, remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and telehealth interventions in a single cloud-based ecosystem. Accessible in real time on any device or operating system, the Medocity platform integrates with EMRs, digital assistants, and hundreds of connected sensors delivering meaningful patient-centered care away from the hospital or clinic. Virtual care. Real outcomes.™


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