Adapting to the Changing Life Sciences Landscape: Takeaways from 2023 Informa Connect Access USA Conference (Part 1)

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Blog

ALLISON CUTTS  |  Executive Director, Business Development and Sales – Patient Support Solutions]

TOM DOUGLAS  |  Executive Director, Digital Patient Support Solutions]


 In the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, it’s essential to stay informed and up to date on the latest developments in technology, medicine, and patient care. At the recent Informa Connect Access USA conference, some of the best minds in the industry gathered to discuss the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving life sciences field and how to work differently to adapt.

From reducing costs, to providing convenient telehealth services, to improving patient outcomes and engagement – there’s no shortage of ideas on how we can better serve patients while being more mindful of costs. In this first blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most important takeaways from the conference and what they mean for life science organizations.

Get on the Road to Success

Life science organizations (LSOs) should continuously align with patients’ needs to meet them where they are by building closer relationships, listening to their feedback, and adapting to their needs. Leveraging telehealth technologies and services to aid patients in staying empowered, engaged, and connected while tailoring care to meet their unique needs is crucial in providing nurturing and authentic ways of supporting patients.

Evolving with regulatory changes like the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), LSOs must consistently stay up to date on the latest healthcare regulation and policy changes, modifying programs and operations to meet new requirements, while always putting patient needs first. The IRA has significant implications for patient enrollment, approvals, and denials, but innovative solutions like telehealth can help maintain favorable health outcomes and patient engagement.

Technology can be used to empower patients and better support them between provider visits, utilizing configurable technology solutions to improve involvement, education, and connectivity throughout their healthcare journey. Customized technology solutions and ePAP can aid healthcare providers in supporting patients in a nurturing and authentic way while ensuring favorable health outcomes. It’s important, however, that implementation of technology programs strike a balance between supporting paper processes and implementing digital workflows to gain efficiency, while ensuring patients feel supported throughout the process.

Keeping impact in mind, patient and provider relationships should be prioritized by creating delightful experiences to optimize their time, efforts, and engagement. Providers should adapt to the changing healthcare landscape by improving patient-provider engagement. This can be accomplished by utilizing patient-centric technologies, leveraging data analytics, and nurturing authentic relationships with patients. This allows providers to provide a unique patient experience that meets patients’ needs and improves health outcomes.

Promote Nurturing Digital Care with Empathy

Digital solutions offer personalized and authentic care that addresses their individual needs and preferences. The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and embracing technology to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. These solutions use advanced algorithms making it possible to provide patients with care that is not only tailored to them, but also delivered with empathy. As the healthcare industry continues to embrace technology, we can expect to see even more innovative solutions. This revolution highlights how essential it is that healthcare providers embrace these solutions and use them to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Key Strategies to Consider

Cultivating strategic teams and building innovative and collaborative in-house and external partner relationships facilitates the ability to produce the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders within the patient care journey. At the conference, experts discussed strategies for ‘Doing More with Less’ to maintain and increase favorable health outcomes. Working with partners, leveraging multiple channels of communication, and taking a holistic approach to patient care are key to delivering high-quality care.

The right culture ensures success, and the best vendors embrace their role as a true partner to proactively provide timely and forthright updates, risks, opinions, and solutions. Vendors must embrace their role and prioritize communication, collaboration, transparency, and customer service. By doing so, they can build strong relationships with their clients and help them achieve their goals of improving the quality of care, reducing costs, and enhancing patient outcomes.

By staying on the cutting edge, LSOs can remain at the forefront of industry changes, utilizing short- and long-term strategic roadmaps aids in keeping up with the latest developments and technologies. The most agile organizations have the capacity to seamlessly guide patients across the ever-changing healthcare landscape while keeping up with the latest developments and investing in continuous improvement.

Stay tuned for the second blog post, where we’ll provide additional insights and takeaways from the 2023 Informa Connect Access USA Conference.

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