Medocity’s Unique AI-Driven Platform is Revolutionizing Medication Adherence

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Blog


STEPHEN KEELER  |  VP, Payer & Provider Sales]


Affording better outcomes for patients and the pharmaceutical industry

In this blog, we will explore how Medocity’s unique AI-powered platform improves adherence and ultimately provides both patients and the pharmaceutical industry with better outcomes.

It’s well known that keeping patients adherent to their medication regimens drives optimal health outcomes. Unfortunately, medication non-adherence remains a significant challenge in healthcare, leading to increased costs and compromised well-being. But help is on the horizon. Medocity’s powerful AI-embedded platform is transforming medication adherence for patients, while providing valuable commercial benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Patient-Centric Adherence Support: The Medocity Platform places patients at the center of their healthcare journey by providing personalized, real-time adherence support. Through user-friendly interfaces and proactive reminders, the platform promotes improved patient adherence to their medication regimens by sending personalized AI-driven nudges for medication intake, reducing the risk of missed doses, and thereby improving overall adherence rates. The platform also offers tailored educational resources, such as medication information, potential side effects, and lifestyle recommendations, which help empower patients to make informed decisions about their treatment. By actively supporting patients along their unique adherence journey, Medocity’s technology helps to educate and empower patients, while providing better health outcomes.
  2. Smart Medication Management: Medocity’s AI-powered solutions streamline medication management for patients, offering them a more simplified and efficient process. The platform provides users with a comprehensive and real-time view of their medication schedules, dosages, and potential interactions. Intelligent algorithms optimize medication scheduling based on individual patient needs, minimizing complexity and potential errors for a better patient experience and outcomes.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring and Support: Medocity’s real-time monitoring capabilities enable patients and caregivers to track medication adherence and treatment progress. Integrating with wearable devices and other IoT technologies, the platform collects data on vital signs, activity levels, and medication intake. This data is analyzed by intelligent clinical rules engines to identify patterns, detect deviations, and provide personalized insights. In the case of non-adherence or leading health indicators, our technology can provide personalized guidance and alerts, enabling timely support and intervention. This real-time monitoring and support system improves outcomes by proactively addressing potential adherence issues and preventing adverse health events.
  4. Promoting Mental Well-being: Beyond physical health, Medocity recognizes the importance of mental well-being in this post-COVID era. Our AI-enabled solutions integrate mental health assessments, mindfulness exercises, catch phrase system intent, and curated resources to support users in managing stress, anxiety, and other psychological challenges. By incorporating mental health into its comprehensive support offerings, Medocity helps patients achieve more holistic balance in their lives, promoting better self-care and empowerment.
  5. Data-Driven Insights: Medocity’s AI-powered platform generates valuable, real-time clinical and commercial data and insights for the pharmaceutical industry, which can aid in the development of innovative solutions to enhance medication adherence. For example, the platform collects anonymized patient data, analyzing factors such as demographics, treatment histories, and adherence patterns. Access to this breadth of data enables pharmaceutical companies to gain a deeper understanding of patient behaviors, identify adherence challenges (including those that may be social, emotional, and financial), and develop targeted interventions. By leveraging these insights, the pharmaceutical industry can design innovative, patient-centric medication support offerings, along with personalized packaging and educational campaigns. These types of solutions not only improve adherence and outcomes, but also provide significant insights into each patient’s journey.

In summary, we are leveraging artificial intelligence throughout the Medocity Platform experience to better educate, engage, and empower patients with personalized adherence support, smart medication management, real-time monitoring, and personalized guidance to ultimately improve health outcomes. Additionally, we provide pharmaceutical companies with valuable data-driven insights to help optimize digital patient support programs, marketing campaigns, and ongoing clinical development.

To learn more about how Medocity’s AI-driven digital solutions not only boost patients’ confidence to better self-manage their health but also allow pharmaceutical companies to focus on what matters most: improved patient well-being and innovative healthcare solutions, contact Stephen Keeler at