Use your phone or mobile device to complete the registration. Once you enter your contact info, you’ll be prompted to download your personalized app.

Trusted and secure, SafePass technology is HIPAA compliant. While your badge is visible to your employer, your health information is not.


What do I need to register?

Using your mobile device, select Register Now from this page. You’ll provide basic contact information (name, age and your work email address). Then, you’ll be prompted to download the app. Your app will be personalized for you, and you’ll receive specific guidance, recommendations, and supportive materials based on your daily responses.

If you do not have a mobile device, you can register online using your computer, however, you will need to print a copy of your badge after completing your daily screening.

What should I do if I don’t have a smartphone or tablet?

SafePass is fully functional on a computer, but you will need to print your daily badge to show when you arrive at work.

Do I need to complete the screening every day I’m on-site?

Badges are active for 24 hours. You must have an active, green badge when you arrive at your worksite. Therefore, you must complete the screening and receive an active badge each day before leaving for work.

Do I need to complete the screening on days I do not report for work?

You can complete the screening every day, however it is only required on the days you plan on visiting the office.

How does SafePass determine if I am cleared to return on-site?

After you input any symptoms you are experiencing, COVID-related risk factors and your temperature, SafePass analyzes your responses using the CDC’s most recent COVID-19 guidelines and your employer’s protocols.  

Will my employer see my health info?

Your employer will see your employee information and the badge you receive, not the specific symptom information you enter.

Your employer receives the badge information immediately so that they have the data they need to safeguard the health and safety of you and workplace community.

What if I receive a green badge, but I feel sick?

SafePass assesses your COVID-related factors. You may feel sick with symptoms other than COVID-related symptoms. Please follow your employer’s guidelines for communicating sick days.

If I receive an orange or red badge, do I have COVID-19?

SafePass is not a COVID-19 test. A red or orange badge is not a diagnosis.

SafePass offers precautionary assessments to help keep your workplace community healthy. So, if you receive a red or orange badge, you will also receive an in-app message with next steps for you to follow.

If I receive an orange or red badge, do I still need to call out for the day?

If you receive an orange or red badge, you will not be permitted on-site. You will receive a customized in-app message from your employer with specific next steps for you to follow.

Please contact your employer’s Human Resource department for more information on your organization’s call-out procedures and medical leave.