iCancerHealth New Release

Medocity advances patient-centered care solutions

with iCancerHealth v1.5 release


Based on patient and healthcare provider feedback, Medocity has enhanced the iCancerHealth platform to continue enabling patients to manage and report their cancer symptoms outside the clinic as they undergo treatment. It also improves communications for patients with caregivers, providers and the iCancerHealth cancer community. In addition, it introduces a video-based approach to help patients use key iCancerHealth features in a simpler, easier to understand format.

What’s new?

  1. Dashboard: Personalized daily health reminders
  2. Health Tracker: Track and report other medical conditions
  3. Messages: Better organized by topic for easier conversations
  4. Community: Post across multiple health communities
  5. Vitals: Expanded vital tracking
  6. Resources: Instructional videos to walk you through the next steps (Orientation, Profile, and Invite a Caregiver)
  7. Tutorial Videos found in each module under the Info-Icon

Also, meet Leah, the guide through iCancerHealth. She offers support through the Getting Started videos, found in Resources, and the Tutorial Videos.

Meet Leah, the guide through iCancerHealth!

To see the new changes, just upgrade to the new version! Or to get started, search for “iCancerHealth” in the App Store or Google Play. See how iCancerHealth can make your journey simpler today.