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A new care paradigm that addresses unmet cancer patient needs at home.
Cancer centers and community practices are looking to extend patient care beyond the clinic in order to improve patient outcomes, quality of life and satisfaction. They are also looking for ways to reduce avoidable health care costs such as unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room costs. New value-based contracting and reimbursement models driven by government and private payers will require transformation in how cancer care is delivered.
Some of the key challenges that face cancer centers and practices include how to better manage cancer patients in between visits, helping patients stay adherent to their treatment plans and medication regimens, and better symptom management. To address these challenges, oncologists and nurses will need to increase patient engagement and access to care.
Patients undergoing cancer treatments, already overwhelmed with a cancer diagnosis, are faced with symptoms making it difficult for them to recall the symptoms they are experiencing, organizing their medications, getting access to cancer resources to better understand their disease at home and seeking community support from patients like them. Caregivers and loved ones seeking to support the cancer patient need the ability to help the patient manage the myriad of tasks associated with cancer treatment.

Medocity offers iCancerHealth, a robust, physician-integrated care platform that is available to cancer patients, caregivers and the cancer care team. Built specifically to meet the needs of cancer centers and community practices, CancerHealth is a virtual support platform that enables seamless coordination of care between patient visits. It provides doctors and nurses with an efficient and patient-friendly way to monitor and track patients at home. Using real time alerts, care teams can find out early on about symptoms that patients are experiencing so they can intervene early on. They can also quickly identify medication-related issues so they can make the proper dosing or therapy changes.

Did you know?

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Medocity CHF Care is a mobile patient engagement platform
that enhances the relationship between providers and
patients/caregivers at home.
CHF Care goes beyond the basics of care at home seamless integration into
a provider's workflow.
  • Seamless care transition and provides a holistic virtual bridge between the clnic and home
    for patients and care providers.
  • Addresses post-discharge care issues that arise after the patient leaves the hospital.
Actionable, 24/7 patient monitoring between visits

Actionable, 24/7 patient
monitoring between visits
  • Provider dashboard to track high risk patients.
  • Remote monitoring of symptoms and medications.
  • Early detection & proactive intervention based on real time alerts utilizing rules-based protocols.
  • Guided messaging to drive patient engagement and treatment compliance.

Provider-customized patient guidance & education

Provider-customized patient
guidance & education
  • Customized patient education relating to specific cancers, prescribed medications, and relevant lifestyle changes & well-being .
  • Instructional videos and hospital-specific information.

Virtual Cancer Community

Virtual Cancer Community
  • Enhanced patient engagement within cancer communities.
  • Extension of in-person support to group structure.
  • Opportunity for nurse navigators, patient advocates to provide psychological and emotional support to patients.

Secured Communications & EMR Integration

Secured Communications
& EMR Integration
  • HIPAA compliant.
  • Encrypted real time communication via video, voice and messaging.
  • Bi-directional EMR Integration.
  • Televisit capability with patients/caregivers.

How it works...
Medocity iCancerHealth is a mobile patient engagement platform that enhances the relationship between providers and cancer patients and their caregivers at home.

for Patient/Caregiver
  • Downloads iCancerHealth from App Store/Google Play or can access on the Web.
  • Completes initial personal and treatment profile.
  • Records symptoms and medication compliance on a daily basis.
  • Receives daily guided messages and customized educational instructions.
  • Communicates with care team messaging, email, or videoconferencing.
  • Participates in online community made up of similar cancer patients.
for Care Team
  • Connected to patient and/or caregiver via web and mobile platform.
  • Utilizes dynamic patient dashboard to track & prioritize high risk patients.
  • Receives real time health alerts based on rules-based protocols for early detection.
  • Provides timely intervention based on alerts to address symptoms and avoid potential complications.
  • Communicate with patient and/or caregiver via messaging, email and/or video conferencing .
  • Accesses & utilizes synchronized patient data & notes within EMR system.
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